Colours, Themes and Wedding Trends!

I'm in LOVE with colour and you will soon learn from reading any future posts!

So I thought I would give you a brief glimpse at colour schemes and wedding themes, to help you choose the perfect colour for your wedding or event.

It all really depends on how bold you want to be!!

If you are having fresh flowers, it might be a good idea to speak to your florist and find out which flowers are in season at the time of your event, before you decide on your colour scheme. You can get most flowers all year round but you don't want to set your heart on a colour scheme if you can't get the flowers to coordinate.

Once you have your colour/colours in mind, think about how you are going to decorate your venue and where in the room you are going to use the colour. Check out my gallery to see some of the unusual colour schemes I have worked with before!!

If you are being bold with colour you could think about using coloured chair covers with the sashes to compliment the theme. If you are unsure of colour you could use white or ivory chair covers with a sash.

Sometimes the chairs are neutral and too nice to cover, so you could always think about just having a sash or chair cap to bring in some colour. You can always use an embellishment to make the overall look unusual and unique.

It's always nice to use a bit of colour in your table centres to lighten the overall feel of the room, if you choose not to or the table centres you have we not coloured you can always add colour to a table with a coloured runner and or colour coordinating napkins. (Your venue should be able to help with this)

Never be afraid of colour. Sometimes the more unusual the theme, the more memorable your day will be for everyone. I will never forget the Royal blue and yellow rubber duck wedding I was a part of!

The "IN" colour schemes that I have been asked a lot for at the moment are: pale/dusky pink (spring/summer 2017) and Navy (winter 2016/spring 2017)

Although I have recently been asked about a purple and orange theme! Most venue decor companies will be happy to discuss any queries or questions you might have about a particular colour theme and if you are unsure, then ask for a consultation where you can see samples, or ask for samples to be sent! Don't be afraid to ask!!

My top tip for colour theming is: Never be afraid to use colour whether it's pale and pastel or bright and bold.


Kelly x

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